Critical Thinking 09: Yug'Voril Uncovered

Apr 22, 201773 minutes

CONTENT WARNING: From the timespan of 18:12 to 38:58 we discuss the culture of sexual objectification and violence in narrative and media, also known as rape culture. We do our best to respectfully speak on the subject over the course of twenty minutes, but we understand that there may be listeners who are uncomfortable with the topic and will not want to listen to it. As such, we provide this content warning in the description - and we make it blatantly clear that we're going to be talking about it in the podcast - so skip ahead if you don't want to listen.

Know that nothing we talk about during that discussion comes from a place of ignorance; we are all well aware of the impact this discussion can have on people, and indeed the impact it has on one of our rewatchers who is a survivor of emotional and physical abuse from former relationships. That being said, we felt it was a topic that needed to be discussed and did not wish to shy away from it.

Aside from that, enjoy our narrative delve into episode 09 of Critical Role: Yug'voril Uncovered.

Also, to Jack - Sting is not an Elven Fishfinder.

John Bates @johnabates Jack Gregory @altf4gamers Jeremy Thomas @jthomas411mania

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